Love or Hate

I hate you because u didn't show me
u couldve asked if u could eat lunch with me
i hate u bcuz u didnt tell me
when we hugged goodbye i only heard my heart and silence
i hate u bcuz u didnt ask me
u couldve said we can overcome those barriers together
i hate u bcuz u didnt reply me
"u cant love me more than i do"
i hate u bcuz u ended our letters
when i cud still write 2 u everyday
i hate u bcuz u found a gf
when i believed u were going 2 wait for me
i hate u bcuz u arnt there for me
u couldve said whats really bothering you
i hate u bcuz u arent sufferin like me
i dnt wana b the one saying i miss u first
i hate u bcuz u act so clueless
everything i had said and done had purpose
i hate u bcuz despite all these reasons
none of them matter becuz
no matter how hard i try to convince myself
i can never hate u since
I love u bcuz...
u make me happy so easily
ur eyes make me get lost without being scared
u are the first person i wana see today
ur voice is the best sound iv ever heard
ur movements are unerasable
ur jokes are a thousand times funnier in my head
ur smile is the only light i need
u help me be myself and better
u and i are so much alike
i love u bcuz despite watever happens
i will still carry with me the gift of an amazing summer and
an Amazing Friend!